UK Stainless Steel manufacturer Pland, established in Leeds in 1919, has joined the Made in Britain Campaign, an initiative started in 2011 to support and promote British manufacturing in the UK and overseas.

Independent research carried out by cooker manufacturer Stoves in 2011, showed that half of those surveyed admitted confusion about which brands could still claim to be made in Britain, with international takeovers and moves towards Far Eastern production all contributing to an increasingly puzzled landscape.  Two-thirds wanted an official seal of approval to show products made in Britain, whilst half thought British brands should bring manufacturing back to the UK.  More than a third of those questioned stated that they would buy British if it were easier to identify authentic made British products.

So the Made in Britain marque was born and is now managed by a not-for-profit company called Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd.  They are well on their way to their objective of signing up 1000+ manufacturers to use the award winning marque.  Their focus is to lobby MPs and peers to raise the profile of the campaign and gain Government endorsement, to promote the marque and campaign in the media to gain awareness and to promote its members, all of whom have been vetted prior to joining.

Steve Duree, Managing Director of Pland Stainless said of this new affiliation, “We are delighted to join a Government endorsed campaign that truly identifies British made products and gives buyers the knowledge and therefore an educated choice on the goods they buy.”

Pland has a long-standing reputation for producing stainless steel products mainly for the commercial market.  Their products are targeted at many sectors including healthcare, sanitaryware, washrooms, laboratory, education, catering, janitorial or their anti-vandal range for secure accommodation.

You can find out more about Made In Britain on their website