As an established UK manufacturer of stainless steel products, Pland has been a supplier of catering equipment to the commercial market for many years.

Stainless steel has many beneficial properties that has led to its dominance in the catering supply chain. From food processing to brewing, through distribution and storage to serving food, stainless steel is prevalent and provides many solutions.

It offers a smooth neutral surface which makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere and survive, it is therefore naturally hygienic and it’s also very easy to clean. It has a high resistance to corrosion too so will not be affected by its surrounding environment be that steamy, in the case of a kitchen or very cold, within a freezer. The bright, easily maintained surface provides an attractive appearance over a long period and at the end of its life it is 100% recyclable and therefore less harmful to the environment. When total life cycle costs are considered, stainless steel is usually the least expensive option, so it truly offers long term value.

From a catering perspective, an additional advantage of this material is that it imparts no taste to the food that is prepared on it. So ideal for typical catering uses in food preparation.

Our range of catering products started in the supply of Sinks and we still produce them in many sizes, with or without leg stands. We also produce a broad selection of washbasins be they circular or square, inset or wall-mounted. Through customer demand, our collection grew to include stainless steel cupboards, work surfaces, tables, shelving units and trolleys with complementary accessories too.

Check out our standard range of catering products here, but please be aware, many of the products we produce are specially designed for our clients to a particular size or to help provide a solution. For this bespoke service and to speak to our in-house design team call Pland Stainless on tel: 0113 263 4184.



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Key Products

Burgundy Catering Sink 600mm Wide and Stand-0

Burgundy sink

This catering sink comes in a range of sizes

Laffite Island Table 600mm Projection-0

Laffite Table

Stainless steel table idea for catering comes in a range of sizes 850mm high x 600mm deep and from 660mm to 2400mm in width with and without backsplash see details here.

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