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Bespoke designs to your own specifications

Pland also manufacture a wide range of bespoke stainless steel products.

Pland stainless steel products are found in a wide variety of applications and environments. As well as the more obvious healthcare, restaurants, bars, laboratories and factories, our products can also be found in prisons, autopsy theatres, battleships, MOD field kitchens and offshore platforms.

Whilst this website details our broad range of standard products, a significant portion of our business is providing tailor-made solutions for manufacturers and designers working in this vast array of business sectors.

We have years of experience and therefore expertise in creating bespoke stainless steel items for both practical and decorative applications. For example, Pland has created bespoke gateway and directional signage that enhances business parks and offices and we regularly work with clients on bespoke washroom urinals and sinks for commercial premises.

Most of our unique designs provide practical solutions for our clients, like the rise and fall tables and endoscopy sinks we produce in abundance that allow people of varying height to work more comfortably at their workstations.

Our CAD design investment coupled with years of experience in manufacturing an array of stainless steel products allow us to create bespoke solutions working closely with our clients.

Stainless steel can be used to create products for various environments. It is a really flexible, hygienic material that is also recyclable. It provides a sustainable solution with a long-lasting and durable life. So, if you have a requirement for a product made in stainless steel get in touch. You are welcome to visit our facilities to view our capability first-hand. 

Here are just a few examples of products we have recently designed and manufactured to provide solutions for many different businesses.

Gallery of bespoke products

Stainless Steel lockable cabinets

Stainless Steel lockable cabinets

Bespoke Stainless Steel Products

Water fountain

Spigotted Bowl

Spigotted Bowl

Mortuary Roller & Comm Sink

Mortuary Roller Unit

Dog Wash Unit

Dog Wash Unit

Special sized rise and fall tables and sinks

Special sized rise and fall tables and sinks

veterinary tables

Adjustable height stainless steel table for Veterinary clinics

Pland ss Pass-thru-Hatch

Pass Through Hatch for sterile services units in Healthcare

Special sized sink unit

Special sized sink unit

Chemical Storage Unit

Foot Wash Trough with Washbasin

Rise and fall unit

Rise and Fall Sink Unit

Special Foot Wash Unit aug 18

Special Foot Wash Unit

Pland SS Towel Storage

Mobile Towel Store Unit

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